Children's Fall/Winter Consignment Sale

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Brewer's Best Buddies

Children's Consignment Sale

Part of the proceeds from this sale will go to Best Buddies Tennessee


Where: ***NEW GREAT LOCATION!!!***

 Campbell Plaza off of James Campbell Blvd.

The sale will take place in an empty shop Three doors down from Kroger between Fujiyama and Rent a Center.                          

When:   August 20th-26th   

Mon. 20th  ( 3-7pm ) & Tues. 21st  ( 10-2pm ) Drop off(if these times do not work for you

call me and we can work something out)

Tues. 21st  Pre-sale ( *For consignors only

* 5-7pm )

Wed. 22nd- Fri. 24th ( 9-7pm ) Open to the


Sat. 25th Open to the public

 ***1/2 OFF DAY*** ( 9-2pm )

Sun. 26th (2-4pm ) Pick up and Pay Day!!!

Consignor Information

Does your child have too many toys, books, games and clothes?  Or has your child outgrown some of these things? Consigning is a great way to get rid of these items and make money at the  same time. There is a $6 consignor fee to cover rental of the building and you get 70% of whatever you sale.  So go through all your stuff and get ready to sell! Click on the "What to Sell" link in the top left hand corner to see what will be taken.

  • All items must be picked up by 4PM on Sunday or they will be donated to charity

How Do I Get My Items Ready to Sell? 

For this sale I would like for you to call to tell me you are participating so I can get your information and an estimate of how many consignors there will be.

e-mail me (Amanda Loyd) @   Or call (270)847-5092

Click on the Tagging Info tab on the top left side of this page to see how to tag your  items! 

If you do not have time to tag your clothes and would like to get them out of your hair, You can donate them to the sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to Best Buddies Tennessee   And as an added bonus this year, if you donate more than 20 items you will receive a pass to the Pre-Sale!!!